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May 2013 Bond & Liquor Election Results

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The Valley View ISD and Whitesboro ISD Bonds both failed.  See their respective pages for what limited results we have.
Below are the results of some other elections I got from KXII's web site that people have been asking about:

North Texas Medical Center Board At Large (Vote for Three):
Robbie Baugh (i).....521
Emmanuel Albarado......142
Nancy Robertson Carlton......191
Raj Patel......152
Lynda Sandmann......470
C.B. Butch Streeter......281
Don Wallace......408
Ken White.....153

Local Liquor Option (Allowing the Sale of All Alcoholic Beverages in JP Pct. 4):

Just the Facts:
1. See the VVISD Tax Elections Tab above to see the Details and VVISD documents on the last two elections and the current one.
2. See the VVISD Bond Tab above and scroll down to the links to see the Phase 2 Costs and Total Costs in the VVISD Summary page or the link below it for the Superintendent's full Board Presentation.  If Phase 2 is in the distant future as some Bond Supporters have claimed, (See Complaint Tab), why do they already have line item pricing for Phase 2 on the same chart as Phase 1?

Regular Valley View ISD Voting on Election Day is at the Valley View High School for Precinct 11 and the New Hope Baptist Church on Burns City Road for Precinct 10 voters, (Mountain Springs area).  We believe the voting location for VVISD is in error in this week's Lindsay Letter for Precinct 10 voters and have asked for a clarification.  The paper said vote at the school but the VVISD web site shows Precinct 10 voting at the New Hope Baptist Church for the school bond election and VVISD Board election.  We're not sure where Precinct 12 voters are supposed to vote for the VVISD Bond and Board Election and have asked the school to clarify.

Unfortunately if you want to vote on the NTMC hospital election, both Precincts 10 & 11 are at the Valley View High School on I-35.  To make it further confusing, the Wet-Dry election will be at the First Baptist Church ROC @ 504 N. Lee St. in Valley View for Precinct 11 voters and the Mountain Springs Community Center for Precinct 10 voters.

We would like to thank the Bond Supporters and Facebook for sending so many new visitors to our web site.  We believe in an honest and thorough debate of the issues and are dedicated to doing so.  We hope you will find some useful information and documentation here.  We strive to be accurate.  While we do provide some analysis, our facts are based on actual government documents or other well known sources.  We don't believe in making things up and we don't believe in name calling.  We do believe in analyzing the statements made by the opposition and where they don't add up, we reserve the right to say so.

Since the Bond Supporters are sending us a lot of visitors, we thought it only fair to post some of their comments and complaints so you can see their point of view.  You will see the text of VVISD Board Member David Pembroke's e-mail complaints on the Complaints Link on top.  That page has been very popular since posted on our web site.  It is the leading page viewed for May and has 180+ 230+ views as of this writing.  We've also added some of their comments pulled verbatim off of David Pembroke's Facebook page on the VVISD Bond Supporter's link at the top of each page. That page has 90+ views after 2+ days.

We have new ads running in the Lindsay Letter and the Gainesville Register.  If you haven't seen them, please take a look at them on the Bond Ads Page.  More to come.

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