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Can Cooke County Taxpayers, Students and Parents afford skyrocketing taxes, tuition and fees?

NCTC raised tax rates 4 times totaling 83% since 2012

NCTC raised Tuition and Fees 52% since 2010

NCTC gave $998,961, (6% average) in raises in 2015

NCTC President’s raise was $57,000 (35%) to $220,000 for 2015

Meanwhile … Fall Enrollment has been declining the last 2 years


 Details on NCTC Tax Increases
  1. NCTC raised the M&O tax rate in 2013 from .0663 to .0668.
  2. In 2014 NCTC voted to try a third bond election which passed raising the debt tax rate by .0383.
  3. In 2014 NCTC voted to raise the M&O tax rate from .0668 to  .0712.
  4. In 2015 NCTC voted to raise the M&O tax rate again from .0712 to .0811 and the debt tax rate from .0383 to .0402
 Why didn't they tell us during the bond election that the M&O taxes which had been pretty much frozen since 2005 would go up the maximum allowed without requiring a rollback election as soon as the bond passed.  It sure is a good thing we were able to defeat the first two bond elections.
Source: NCTC filings with Texas Association of Community College, Data & Info section.

Texas Association of Community Colleges Tax Data

Details on NCTC Tuition and Fee Rate for Cooke County Residents
In the Fall of 2010, the NCTC cost per credit hour was $46/hr.
In the Fall of 2015, NCTC raised the cost per credit hour to $70/hr.
The $70 does not include the $10 per credit hour late fee if a student registers and pays the week before school starts.
 Source: NCTC filings with Texas Association of Community College, Data & Info section.

Texas Association of Community Colleges Tuition and Fee Data (In-District column)

The NCTC Board voted unanimously to raise Salaries just short of a Million Dollars, ($998,961),(6% on average) at the June 30, 2015 meeting. 
See supporting documentation below.
How many Cooke County Citizen Taxpayers got a 6% raise on top of raises averaging 3% or more for the past ten years?

NCTC Administration Recommendation to Board to raise salaries 6%

NCTC Board Minutes confirming unanimous approval on page 2, item D.

The NCTC Board raised President Brent Wallace's Salary from $163,000 to $220,000 after one year as president.

 See supporting employment contracts below.  

Note: In just over a year Dr. Wallace's salary essentially doubled from when he was a VP at NCTC.

NCTC President Wallace Contract 2014-2015, Salary @ $163,000, page 3, Section 3.1

NCTC President Wallace Contract 2015-2016, Salary @ $220,000, page 3, Section 3.1

NCTC Enrollemnt has dropped the past two years and NCTC Contact Hours dropped the last three years.  Why is the NCTC Board rewarding declining performance with huge raises?

See NCTC Board Fall 2015 Enrollment Report

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