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How Can I Help Keep Taxes Down? - I am Taxed Enough Already

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We are the underdogs.  The governmental bodies have the advantage because they spend a good deal of money in the community and have employees that are often willing and readily available to help push bond issues with their friends and family. Because they spend large sums of money with local businesses and buy advertising from the local papers, sometimes they get a sympathetic ear. 
Plus in the case of NCTC they have a Department of Marketing and Public Relations consisting of eight people.  While one person does mainly switchboard and another does mainly printing, it looks like at least 3-4 people are focused on improving NCTC's public image which may explain why they have so many articles about neat things going on at NCTC during this bond election.  There are a lot of good and neat things going on at NCTC.  It would seem that the really good things would be recognized by the press without spending a few hundred thousand a year of taxpayer's money on self promotion.  
We @ usually spend $1,000, maybe up to $2,000 an election cycle, NCTC Bond Supporters have spent ten times what we spend and with the help of educated voters who want to keep taxes low, we've been able to Stop the Bonds, at least so far.
One other thing to keep in mind is they only have too win once, we have to win every time.  Texas Law currently allows them to call a do-over election every six months.  Unfortunately when they win, there are no do-overs.  They spend the money and raise our taxes so we have to remain vigilant.

Below are some things you can do to help us get the word out and Stop the Bonds and large tax increases.

Repost our web site on Facebook and Twitter

Contact your friends and neighbors, explain the high tax costs and the lower cost alternatives (suggested on this web site or ones you know of)

Help us find good visible sites and place yard signs for the VVISD Bond election

For those who can afford it, we could use help paying for the ads and mailings.  Contributions of $50 per less per individual can be reported anonymously.  A couple can give $100 without being listed as a contributor.  You can e-mail the publisher of this web site or mail a check made out to Stephen Gaylord, PO Box 410, Valley View, TX 76272

You can also contact KXII who has contacted us for an interview on the NCTC Bond

When campaigning or talking to people about the bond(s), we recommend against getting into arguments with bond supporters.  If they are passionate, you are probably not going to change their mind.  Your time and ours is better served talking to people who don't know about the bond(s) election or haven't made their mind up. 

During early voting and especially on election day, call and e-mail your friends and remind them to vote.
Make voting a social activity. Go out for a burger or shake as friends after you vote.
Offer to drive people to the polls who have difficulty getting out on there own.
It is probably too late this time but consider writing Letters to the Editor the next time.
Get involved by attending local government board meetings.
Attend the Cooke County Republican Eagles meetings the last Monday of the month @ 7 pm at the back of Grand Avenue Baptist Church.  The upcoming meeting is supposed to feature candidates for the upcoming March 2014 primary.

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