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What are the Valley View ISD Bond Supporters Saying?

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These are pulled verbatim from Valley View ISD Board Member David Pembroke's Public Facebook page.

In case you don't know who these people are, we'll identify those directly associated with Valley View ISD:

VVISD Board Members: David Pembroke, Corrine Boyd French and Josh Brinkley.

VVISD Teachers: Kristi Young Wood, Laura Spragg, Cody Martindale, Craig Gourley and Andrea Pembroke.

VVISD Director of Support Services: Mike Wilson

Several of the VVISD employees live outside Valley View ISD and hence have no vote and in most cases pay no VVISD taxes.  See bottom for more details on who they are.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The latest from Steve Gaylord's puppet candidate aka Rita Parker is the bond money is only for a shell for the science class rooms. That she has comb through the bond proposal n nothing in there for furnishings. Rita its true! holy cow you found the smoking gun. Did you get that from stevie or come up with it on tour own. However if you would have asked before you went out on the town n spread your half truths. You would have discovered we are furnishing the science classrooms through a lease purchase program. That way we avoid builders n architect fees n the interest incurred on it. Doing it this way will save us thousands of dollar
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  • David Pembroke I know for some I might sound a bit harsh. Especially to those FB friends that are not in and around tValley View . However these folks I'm calling out have taken so many unfair shots at our school , teachers n administration. I live by the motto if n when being punched. You punch back twice !
  • David Pembroke Not to mention its almost the same cast of characters who have gone after my father in law


 Tuesday, April 30, 2013's Posts:


Valley view station has 5 Rita Parker election signs.surrounding it?????

Here is a post and comments from Monday, April 29th:
Steve Gaylord came to tonight's board meeting n read my email that I sent to his website concerning his distortions in truth about this bond election. I have never seen such a display of narcissistic behavior before. He flattered me by saying he was going to post the email on his site. I hope he does !!!! This man has gone after my father n law publicly on his website n now he is going after myself n fellow board members for supporting what we believe n in. Most of you know my wonderful father in law n know he is a very kind n thoughtful man. Who has spent his entire adult life giving to his community. This guy is a verbal bully n I for refuse to be bullied.

Remember a vote for Rita Parker is a vote for Stevie Gaylord. She walks n with him n leaves with him to our meetings Ask yourself why a person who when moving to Valley View refused the chance to put her kids n school here. That's ok Your right as a parent but now she wants on the board. You can't be an Advocate for children if you don't believe enough in our school to put your kids in the same school our kids are in. Just saying.
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  • Kristi Young Wood There's got to be something seriously wrong with someone who is so perpetually hateful and angry and negative and poisonous. That's no way to build a community.

  • Cody Martindale He needs to move back to where he came from.
  • David Pembroke I also would like to say that I serve on this board with 6 other wonderful board members who also have been unfairly attacked They all serve with only the best intentions for the kids ,parents n taxpayers
  • David Pembroke Gaylord also said at tonights meeting that I always mention how much I volunteer my time He said it n a way in which I act as if I am the only one. I am just a small part of the many who give back too vvisd. There are so many that give way more than myself n I am thankfully to those as well as the many who show up to help just now n then. It takes us all. It really does. I really not saying so much to toot my own horn as much as it is to tell folks like him that you never see giving to back off n stop telling untruths. If your not supportive of the bond that's fine. Just don't lie about me n my fellow board members n this Superintendent.!
  • Kristi Young Wood How often does HE volunteer to help at school?
  • Shirlee Hickman Martindale That man is on my last nerve. He wrote in the Gainesville paper, "and this is who we hire to teach our kids?" He said he was called mean and selfish. I want to write back and say, "no you've been called a lot worse." Letters to the editor in Gainesville have to be done this week.

These were copied directly from David Pembroke's Public Facebook Page.  No editing or word -smithing was done.  One exception was made.  At the request of a parent, we removed the Facebook picture from their profile depicting their young child.  We do not anticipate accepting other editing requests so please don't ask unless it is something of that nature.

To the best of our knowledge, Teachers Laura Spragg and Craig Gourley live outside of Valley View ISD and pay no VVISD taxes. The same can be said for the Superintendent and all three VVISD Principals to the best of our knowledge.  It is our understanding Mike Wilson has moved out of the VVISD District and no longer pays VVISD taxes.Mike Wilson asked that I add his name as a supporter, so I have.  If I have improperly identified anyone as living outside the District and paying no VVISD taxes, please let me know.  Based on Cooke CAD records and other credible information, I believe these assessments to be correct.
We've had some individual requests to add more individual VVISD Bond Supporters to this page.  Our suggestion is they can build their own web page or web site.  Thanks for your interest.  The primary reason for this page and the Complaint page is to give some perspective to what the Bond Supporters are saying.

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